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Highlight your AAS winners!

To promote new garden varieties with superior garden performance judged in impartial trials in North America.

MasterTag has two tags available in stock and ready to ship.

Patio Planter Stake Tag 
MT0702, Size: 2" x 7.49"

Mini Marquee Hang Tag
DN1205, Size: 2.65" x 3.688"

What is All-America Selections®?

All-America Selections is an independent, non-prot organization that tests new varieties then introduces only the best garden performers as AAS Winners.

What's in an AAS Winner?

• has at least 2 significantly improved aspects, such as bloom time/length, yield time/length, disease or pest tolerance, and novel color/flavor/form.

• a reliable and superior performer because they are tested in gardens across North America.