Topper Tag - DN1447

The Topper Tag™ is a concept in floral labeling developed by MasterTag. Unlike the traditional clip on tags used to label flowering potted plants, which get hidden by foliage and flowers, the Topper Tag™ easily attaches and rises above the flower canopy. It never gets hidden. Your important message can be seen 100% of the time.

The Topper Tag™ will...
Easily attach to any flowering potted plant, no extra labor is required.
Be seen 100% of the time. Not hidden out of view to consumers.
Provide a better, more effective way to brand products.
Communicate important consumer messages or carry graphic designs.

The Topper Tag™ can also be used for cut flowers. Clip it to any stem in a bunch. It will...
Display on top of the blooms for easy viewing.
Sit unobstructed by the sleeve or parts of the flower bunch.
Become an enhancement to sleeve graphics and carry brand identification.
Provide consumers with important information needed at the point of sale.

Order in increments of 1,000.
Available on the Group Run schedule. Does not need to fill a production run. Contact us for run dates.