Retail Merchandising Increases Sales!

Retail merchandising can make a great impact on sales.

  • Consumer products are typically merchandised with graphics and a message that draws attention.
  • Inspiration and product benefits are presented to shoppers in a compelling and meaningful way.
  • They sell a finished product, ready to use.


Kellogg’s or other consumer product companies would never display their product in a raw unfinished form.

  • When this is done, it eliminates all possibility to inform and inspire shoppers.
  • The product is not finished and relegated to a bulk commodity.


When plants are delivered and displayed carrying no inspiration or information, the product can fall short of shopper’s expectations.

  • Unique features, new products and consumer benefits have no opportunity to be expressed.
  • Sales are left to chance.
  • The products seem unfinished and left to shoppers to figure out what to do with them.


When attention is paid to packaging and merchandising it offers an opportunity to communicate.

  • Horticulture products can benefit by consumer product merchandising.
  • When done well, unique features, new products and consumer benefits can be properly communicated.
  • A finished product with unique and intrinsic benefits can be sold.
  • Increased sales are realized.